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a.k.a. stu rohrer

(Channeling Stanley Tucci in Hunger Games: Mockingjay)

Kudos to Gordon Purcell, last year’s winner!

“I just want to thank the little people — my son and his Disney action figures!”

Congratulations to all 2016 Crowd Beaters:
Erica Adams, video store manager (Philadelphia PA)
Alex Amorelli, writer-director (Los Angeles CA)
George Barletta, retired teacher (Cleveland Heights OH)
Laura Benoit, movie-obsessed student (Washington DC)
James Chambliss, writer (Destin FL)
John Dunbar, retired salesman (Loveland CO)
Matt Dy, Austin Film Festival (Austin TX)
Rich Peterson, businessman film-addict (Silver Springs MD)
Gordon Purcell, comic book artist (Plymouth MN)
Carol Schuler, interior designer (Wilton CT)
Bonnie Talcott, singing librarian (Long Beach CA)
Jean, freelance writer (Gainesville FL)

“Words seem so futile, so feeble. You are all such lovely, beautiful people, I thank you.”
— John Dunbar, 2015 winner